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What can we do for you?

As a music user it is sometimes difficult to see what music rights you need to pay and how to obtain these rights. Dancelife Music, Dance Music United is the largest supplier of specialized dance music and knows its way around the music rights.


Synchro rights

Is the combination of video and music. Examples are showing a competition on internet, teaching online with music, showing a TV broadcasting of a show with dancing and music on the internet. Dancelife Music offers you a possibility in the form of an internet subscription based upon the quantity of tracks you use per video, the amount of videos you want to show per month and the period you want to show it on internet.

The different types are:

  • Live-stream (Real Time)
  • Time shift stream
  • Interactive stream (Archive)

a TV broadcasting of a show with dancing and music on TV or any music used in a movie or other type of broadcasting not on internet will be viewed per request.


Streaming music service

Do you want to start a streaming music service? Dancelife Music offers you 2 options:

  • Using a ready-made streaming platform (commercially usable or Consumer aimed service)
  • License on your streaming platform (commercially usable or Consumer aimed service)

Depending on your choice an offer is made.


Physical product

If you wish to have a DVD made or a music CD, we will make you an offer based upon the details you provide us with. We can offer you a ready-made product or you can choose to license the music.


Dance Competition

When organizing a competition you are publishing the music to an audience, in this case you need to pay the publishing rights, for the composers you pay to your local MRO (Music Rights Organization) for the master rights Dancelife music offers you a subscription. Depending on your needs we offer you a DJ-Service (full outsourcing your music) or a tailor made solution. You will receive a certificate of authorization.

If you want something which is not described, please email us at

By filling out the Music Users questionnaire we can make you a quick offer.


About us

Dancelife Music, Dance Music United is a Cooperation between D-Sylz BV, a holding company of the music rights of the Dancelife Music Catalogue and The Source, one of the largest independent Music aggregators in the business and Casa musica a multi-media company aimed at the Dance Industry.



Contact Information

Dancelife Music

D-Sylz B.V.

Steekkant 34
     2993 DB Barendrecht
     The Netherlands

+31 (0)614 35 11 37


The Source

Wagenmakerstraat 5
     2984 BD Ridderkerk
     The Netherlands

+31 (0)1 80 48 14 26


Casa musica

Leopoldstraße 48
     40211 Düsseldorf

+49 211 1792170