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Dance Sport DJ

As a Dance Sport DJ or Music Director as some might say, life flashes by. Going from one competition to the next competition and in between creating some master pieces for the dance sport. This leaves you with nearly no time to spend on taking care of the distribution and protection of your music. Outsourcing these issues to a well-established partner, that is familiar with Specialized Dance Music, is a solution that can set your mind at ease. Dancelife music offers you:

  • Increase exposure
  • Increase Income
  • Increase Opportunities



Making your music available across the world, gives even the dancers in the most remote location the possibility to dance to your music. Streaming services like Spotify, Apple music and Amazone music are a logical choice, but also Lime Music, Japanese largest streaming music service and Tencent, famous in China are one of the other choices we made to find the dancers across the world. Please find the full list of streaming service here (LINK)
Physical distribution is done by Casa musica. Your tracks can be released on your own label or on Casa musica or Dancelife. You do not need to worry about contracts or any difficulties, everything is taken care of.



Your tracks are fitted with a ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) and a Content ID (Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system developed by Google). Your tracks are always identifiable.


Music rights

Collecting the neighbouring rights in 35 countries, offering the Synchro rights to TV shows and Dance competition organizers are some of the possibilities that we offer.



We offer the Possibility to create Playlists, which you can promote through your own Social Media. In the near future, we also offer a marketing service to create more exposure. We also offer the possibility to promote you as a DJ to competition organizers across the world. Offering a maximum on exposure.


Interested what we can do for you? Please fill out Music Makers questionnaire and receive a personalized offer, or e-mail us with your questions.




About us

Dancelife Music, Dance Music United is a Cooperation between D-Sylz BV, a holding company of the music rights of the Dancelife Music Catalogue and The Source, one of the largest independent Music aggregators in the business and Casa musica a multi-media company aimed at the Dance Industry.



Contact Information

Dancelife Music

D-Sylz B.V.

Steekkant 34
     2993 DB Barendrecht
     The Netherlands

+31 (0)614 35 11 37


The Source

Wagenmakerstraat 5
     2984 BD Ridderkerk
     The Netherlands

+31 (0)1 80 48 14 26


Casa musica

Leopoldstraße 48
     40211 Düsseldorf

+49 211 1792170