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Digital Distribution

Having been involved with digital music since the very beginning, Dancelife Music has teamed up with The Source to give producers of specialized dance music the opportunity to distribute their music world-wide. The Source is not only a pioneer of digital distribution, but is also unique as a digital music aggregator. Dancelife Music and The Source have always been driven by the human side of music making and dancing, and that feeling has permeated the way we do business and look after our clients’ music.


With The Source Content Editor, our web based platform, we can offer a completely unique and easy to use service that not only enables our clients to have access to all track and release data at any time, but also allows them to edit all their data online. From correcting a typo to creating an entire series of releases, this can all be done online with a simple to use system, meaning that the client is in complete control of all their data and releases at all times.


We believe in providing the best possible service for our clients across the board. We don’t just deliver your tracks to the online stores (iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify etc.), we also make sure that everything is done in the easiest and best possible way, because delivering a track is just the beginning. We check the promotion opportunities available for your releases, and with unique multi-layered accounting systems we can accommodate the most complex royalty contracts. We ensure that you and your clients are accounted to on time and, in today’s global market, make sure that your music is doing its best for you.


Furthermore, with our unique array of services, Dancelife Music and The Source are so much more than a digital music aggregator! Together with The Source, Dancelife Music created a dance music company which offers a multitude of logistical, creative, technical and IT solutions for musicians, labels and content owners specialized in making, producing or distributing dance music.


Dancelife Music has always enjoyed a personal approach in the way we operate, and although we have an easy to use support system, for the more complex issues real people are always just a phone call away. And if you really want to, you can come and meet us! Just make an appointment to come and visit our offices and studios in The Netherlands.


We are passionate about what we do. Throughout all the technical developments and new challenges over the years, we have never lost sight of the fact that everything always comes back to the dance music. Indeed, so passionate are we about what we do that we named our company so that we should never lose sight of what the music represents to what we do.


Dancelife Music brings a smile to your feet!


About us

Dancelife Music, Dance Music United is a Cooperation between D-Sylz BV, a holding company of the music rights of the Dancelife Music Catalogue and The Source, one of the largest independent Music aggregators in the business and Casa musica a multi-media company aimed at the Dance Industry.



Contact Information

Dancelife Music

D-Sylz B.V.

Steekkant 34
     2993 DB Barendrecht
     The Netherlands

+31 (0)614 35 11 37


The Source

Wagenmakerstraat 5
     2984 BD Ridderkerk
     The Netherlands

+31 (0)1 80 48 14 26


Casa musica

Leopoldstraße 48
     40211 Düsseldorf

+49 211 1792170