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Dance Competition Organizers

Organizing a competition is a hell of a job and any assist can be welcome. Why not outsource the music part of the competition? Dancelife Music & Casa musica offer a wide variety of services to assist you in the organization of the dance competition. Of course we provide you with the necessary music rights of the specialized music labels, other services are:

  • Certificate of Authorisation (Music Rights)
  • A specialized dance music streaming platform which includes all tracks available (including the latest dance music)
  • Almost all specialized dance music labels are included
  • DJ service; Famous DJ can prepare your Competition playlists (outsourcing your playlist production)
  • Played music data available for your publishing rights for the local MRO (Music Rights Organisation)
  • Video service
  • Streaming the competition on internet
  • Website Videos synchro-rights


Specialized dance music streaming service Music4.dance

Is a music player including all music, which makes it easy for our DJ’s to communicate/transfer the music to the organizer. All playlists for each round can be prepared in this player remotely. And are available directly at the competition. It creates automatically played music data that can be used for the publishing rights, which needs to be payed to the local MRO.(Music Rights Organisation)


Competition Playlists

As making a playlist for a competition is a lot of work and brings a lot of stress, many large competition organizers outsource this difficult task to professionals like Casa musica. The GOC for example is one of the competitions that are using this service. It Gives the Organizers more time to focus on the organization of the competition and it increases the image of the organization by using a famous professional. Because the price of the playlist depends on many items, the Organizer needs to fill out a questionnaire so we can determine the price.


Ask for a detailed offer:

Phone: +31 (0)614 35 11 37


About us

Dancelife Music, Dance Music United is a Cooperation between D-Sylz BV, a holding company of the music rights of the Dancelife Music Catalogue and The Source, one of the largest independent Music aggregators in the business and Casa musica a multi-media company aimed at the Dance Industry.



Contact Information

Dancelife Music

D-Sylz B.V.

Steekkant 34
     2993 DB Barendrecht
     The Netherlands

+31 (0)614 35 11 37


The Source

Wagenmakerstraat 5
     2984 BD Ridderkerk
     The Netherlands

+31 (0)1 80 48 14 26


Casa musica

Leopoldstraße 48
     40211 Düsseldorf

+49 211 1792170